Mental Health · Positivity


I’ve been hiding from the world.

Not because I’m scared, but because I’m recharging. Cocooning if you will.

The past few New Years Eves, my boyfriend and I have stayed home, made a nest of cozy blankets, had buckets of snacks, and just hung out and reflected on our year.

This is SUCH a lovely tradition.

Last night we added onto our tradition, and rang in 2019 by writing down everything we didn’t want to take into the new year, and burned them. We watched them burn and released them from our worries.

It was cheesy, beautiful, and SO necessary.

I highly encourage anyone who needs to let something go to write it down and watch it burn. You owe it to yourself to rid your mind of the toxic worry and self loathing.

I’m ready to begin 2019 refreshed and ready to focus on building me up. I’m ready to fly 🦋 #choosingme2019



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