Mental Health

Dear ex-best friend,

I don’t know what happened to us.

I wish we still talked.

I miss your insights, and your laugh.

It’s been years and I still think about you. Do you, me?

I hope your life is going as well as you’d always hoped.

I’m sorry I was always so irrational and emotional; it’s something I struggle with.

You may see it as annoying, but I see it as a huge mistake in my making of a person. I hate myself for it.

Why couldn’t I just let it go like your other friends? Or be that fun girl I know you’d rather be hanging out with.

And then I wonder…am I the reason we don’t talk anymore? Or was my mom right when she said that people just drift apart?

She probably is, but I want to know why. I don’t understand why we just drift apart.

My boyfriend and I haven’t drifted apart, and if we do, there would probably be closure.

There was no closure for us.

One day the texts just slowed, and we didn’t put in the effort to meet up.



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