Mental Health

“Can you get the phone?”

No, I cannot.

I can’t answer the phone.

I freeze. I can’t even answer the phone at work. I even have a sheet written out for how to answer the phone, but do you think I could get the words out? Not a chance.

“I’m an extrovert, so why is this such an issue? People only really call me for information or appointment reminders. I’m so stupid.”

I usually just stare blankly at my ringing screen until it goes to voice mail. I usually then listen in on the voice mail, and if it’s important enough, I will call you back.

It’s 2018; just text me.

I do, however, have a handful of people that I can answer the phone to. My mom, a few friends, and my boyfriend. Why is this?

For the other side of this phone game, how about calling? I mean, it’s still annoyingly tough, but I can manage it no problem…usually…if I have it pre-scripted out in my head.

I go through everything in my head; their name, why I’m calling, what to ask, and then I write it all out.

I over analyze every word I say, feeling like I’m doing something wrong. Like did I sound too manly? Did I forget something? Did I call at a bad time?


Hold on; let’s think for a moment.

As an emotional and extroverted person, it is very important for me to see how other people feel and react when I communicate with them.

How can I see how someone reacts when I’m talking to them through a chunk of plastic?

This is probably why I, and so many others have such a hard time answering the phone. Or at least the only rational reason I can come up with.

It still doesn’t explain why I can make calls, but I can’t receive them.

Do you have any insights, thoughts, or similar experiences? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to see tho go through your eyes. 🙂



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