Mental Health

comparing myself to myself

I love scrolling through social media, and seeing what my friends are up to! Sure I may be a tad jelly of your trip to Australia, but at the end of the day it doesn’t deteriorate my self esteem nearly as much as scrolling through my own feed.

I’ve always thought I was fat but it wasn’t until I actually became fat that I realized I wasn’t. It will probably always be this way, and that’s alright.

I’m realizing that I am still who I was 4 years ago. I may not be doing a thousand and ten things, I may not be traveling, or have the same BMI, but I am still Jess.

4 years ago may look great on Instagram, but I was in no better place than I am now. Every year, every day has it’s ups and its downs. We only post about the ups.

Filters on the gram filter our reality.

So STOP comparing yourself to others on social media, but most importantly, stop comparing yourself to yourself.



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